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X13 Waterproof Detector DE Metales for Sale 2 Meters

Metal detector for a variety of detection environments, artificial intelligence filtration technology, intelligent elimination of garbage metal interference, to achieve accurate discrimination.
















X13pro metal detector meets the international market metal detector technical specifications and environmental test requirements, specific technical requirements, test requirements, inspection rules and other content, such as:

1. Power supply (two power supply options are available) :

Option A. 6VDC power supply with four 1.5V batteries

Option B, lithium battery (support Type-C interface charging)

2. Indicator:

2.1, visual: LCD LCD display

2.2 Sound speakers or earphones, vibration

3, display and function selection:

3.1. There are 10 metal feature classifications at the top of the display after startup. When the object is measured by the machine, an indication will appear above the corresponding metal.

3.2 Standby State To select a function, press ↑ or ↓ to select a function. Select the desired function and press, the icon will appear below, and then press ↑ or ↓ to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the machine.

3.3 DEPTH is the depth indication when the object is detected.

3.4 Standby Mode To select a mode, press ↑ or ↓ to select a function. The selected feature will be framed in black.

3.5, when detecting metal, the value of the object will be displayed in the middle. The more valuable the metal, the higher the value.

4. Menu:

4.1. SENS: Sensitivity;

Press the switch/menu key, the sensitivity icon appears, and then press ↑ or ↓ to adjust the sensitivity size, a total of 0~99 division.

4.2, volume;

Press "+" "-" to adjust the volume, when the volume is completely turned off automatically into vibration function

4.3. Selective shielding.

When using the detector, the user chooses any one or more metals under the shield of precious metals according to his own needs or preferences. It can only be used in Jewelry mode, coin mode, and Custom mode. If you press the icon at the bottom, press ↑ or ↓ to move the black square at the top, select it and press again to block or cancel it.

5. Mode:

5.1: (referred to as: Jewelry mode)

This mode is set for finding jewelry.

5.2: (referred to as coin mode)

This mode only tests US dollars: 5¢, 1¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, 1$

5.3: (referred to as: All-metal mode)

This mode is unshielded and all metals can be detected.

5.4: (Custom mode for short)

This mode allows customers to set a mode according to the metal they want.

In addition to adjusting the sensitivity and selecting the mask, the three modes of jewelry mode, coin mode, and Custom mode can also adjust the tone, the specific operation is as follows: Press connect, when the icon appears at the bottom, press ↑ or ↓ to select the tone. There are six tones to choose from.

In full-metal mode, you can adjust the threshold in addition to the sensitivity. The operations are as follows: Connect the key. When an icon appears at the bottom of the screen, press ↑ or ↓ to adjust the threshold.

6, PINPOINT (referred to as: PP precise positioning mode)

PINPOINT is used when the user detects the metal within the range during use, but cannot accurately confirm the location of the object. Specific operation to raise the machine detection disk from the ground 8~10CM. Often press the PP button in the middle of the machine, the LCD will display the value --. Slowly put the machine down. Go up and down the range. If you measure an object, the value changes. A smaller number means closer to the object. The sound goes from low to loud. (This function can only locate the position and depth of the object, and cannot identify the type of metal.)

7. Balance automatically:

Press and hold the key, move up and down from 3 to 5cm on the ground, and when you hear a "drop" sound, you have completed the automatic balance.

8, manual balance:

Hold down the key, while holding down ↑ or ↓ to manually adjust the balance.

9. Frequency band adjustment:

Press the bar key and press + or - to adjust the frequency band of the machine. The frequency range is F1 to F8. Multiple machines of the same model will not interfere with each other at close range in different frequency bands.

10, backlight function:

The backlight button in the middle of the machine makes the machine turn on the backlight, press the searchlight on the back of the machine again, press the backlight on the back of the machine again and close the backlight at the same time, and so on.

Restore factory Settings function steps: In the shutdown state, long press the mode key, and hold down the boot until the full display indicates that the factory Settings have been restored.

11, the operating frequency is about 12.8KHz±0.2KHz

12. Working current:

When no metal is detected, the operating current should be less than 55mA. When metal is detected and the horn sounds, the current should be less than 65mA. The current should be less than 85mA when the LCD backlight is lit, and the current should be less than 125mA when the backlight is turned on at the same time

13. Detection sensitivity:

After turning on the machine, adjust the sensitivity () to 75~80, take a 25-cent coin, 28cm above the center of the probe, and move at a constant speed, the LCD screen should have corresponding instructions, and the speaker emits a treble sound.

The working mode is placed on PP, take a 25 cent coin, 28cm above the center of the probe disk, and slowly approach the probe disk, the LCD screen should be indicated accordingly, and the sound of the speaker has a significant change.

14. Temperature:

Operating temperature range: 0℃ (4 hours) ~ +45℃ (4 hours)

Storage temperature range: -20℃ (8 hours) ~ +60℃ (8 hours)

15. Package size

Inner box: 43*32.5*14 cm (L * W * H)

Outer box: 58.5*46*34 cm (4 machines/box)

16, the weight of the machine:

Single gross weight: 2.95 kg

Gross weight per case: 12.8 kg

17. Color: Black

Q1: Are you factory or trading company?

        Original Factory. Offer professional OEM and ODM service for IoT sensors,  to industrial, agricultral, environment-protection, water quality monitoring projects solutions.

Q2: Can I buy one sample?

        Yep! Our MOQ is down to 1pc.

Q3: What is your production Capacity?

        General Production Capacity: 10K units/month;

Q4: Shipping Method & Time

       - Express: door to door include import duty. DHL/UPS/Fedex, etc.

       - Sea/Air: depends on location per buyers' requests.

Q5: Lead Time?

      1. Sample Order: 1-2 workdays

      2. Bulk: 3-15 working days. Depends on model# and qty.

Q6: Warranty

       Valid for 12 months since shipment. 6months for probes.

Q7: Aftersales Service

        One on one service. Free Cloud service, software, calibration.

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